Smart Home Automation


Streamlining Security

With the Alula Connect+, there are no wires, drilling, or dust. Connect+ is a modern, wireless, IP-first hub that sets the bar for the fastest installation time. Ready to scale and build your business as customer needs change – from basic intrusion monitoring systems to advanced video and automation integration, the modular hub gives you the flexibility to win in a hyper-competitive market.

Video and Automation package

This monitored home automation and video integration, Basic 3 popular smart devices and our easy-to-use app. Our app will allow you to easily monitor and control yourself a variety of smart devices in your home.

How this works together?

Hack Protection

Lockdown network encryption keeps your customers’ security systems and personal data private. We’re not listening in like big tech, we focus on the connected devices that keep them safe – more peace of mind for you and your customers.

Dedicated Network

The Security Network is purpose-built for speed and security. Our dedicated network servers as the backbone of our powerful platform.

  • Internet Structured Design

  • Geographic Diversity

  • Multiple Redundant Elements

  • Private Cellular Connections

Enhance Connect+ Panels with Alula’s class-leading wireless sensors. These fast-installing sensors blend into any environment.

Advanced Sensor Technology

More than just a simple glass break or motion sensor, the wireless sensors we offer give you complete coverage inside and out or your home. With the industry-leading range and battery life, these compact, fast-installing sensors blend in to any environment. From the tiny NanoMax™ Door/Window to the highly reliable CO and Smoke Alarms, these critical customer safeguards ensure a total protection envelope.

Video Integration

Indoor Cameras

Quell any worries about what the dog’s been up to, or check on the kids after school. With two versatile models to choose from, you can monitor indoor spaces in high def. With motion-activated notifications and video clips saved to the cloud, you can monitor and recall any activity through your phones

Outdoor Cameras

Security doesn’t start at the front door. Protect the perimeter with our rugged, weatherproof outdoor camera. High-def night vision offers a crystal clear view of the yard even at midnight.

Yes! Work's with your smart speakers.


Interactive services are compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Can’t find your keyfob? Just ask Alexa to arm or disarm your system.

Home Automation Ideas

  • Dusk to dawn

Make the morning friendlier by turning on the kitchen lights and coffee pot. Set the landscape lighting to illuminate the backyard at sundown.

  • Unlock on disarm

No more juggling for keys with an armful of groceries. Now your customer can automatically unlock the door when they disarm the system.

  • Alerts that inform

Choose one alert noise for the garage door opening and a different one for the front door. Your customer will hear the difference and know who is coming and going.