Industries & Factories

Why do we need Internet of Things for Restaurants and Food industry today?

Industries, Factories, and large establishments share similar challenges in environmental monitoring. Many aspects, such as water leak, temperature, humidity, air quality carbon dioxide, etc. Have to be monitored constantly. Many times changing configurations of floor layouts need relocating of these sensors for optimum result.

Karma IoT wireless sensors are easy, and the long-range signals make this task very easy. Preventive and predictive maintenance suggestions form our IoT platform can ensure smooth operation and very low down time.

Karma IoT provides fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the maintenance of machines by a variety of sensors.

The 4th Industrial Revolution, it defines the concept of Smart Factory. Behind this concept lies a mix of technologies serving the factory of the future. Connect the machines to the Internet, through the Internet of Things (Industrial IOT – IIOT), collect the data in the Cloud, treat them through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, so as to optimize the Operations, reduce costs through preventive / predictive maintenance. In a general way, to allow an optimized and centralized management of its installations, its equipment, its machines. Offer better operational and business tools Collection.

Machine Data

Whether it is to collect the hours of use, the number of startup cycles, the status of certain parameters, the recovery of errors and alarms, there is a sensor and an adequate communication protocol

Dashboard & Reports

Process data and provide reports and dashboards for the various stake-holders: Support, Management, Customers.

Preventive & Predictable Maintenance

Data analysis must anticipate failures or non-optimized processes. To be able to intervene quickly in the event of a problem, or even to prevent future.

How System works?

Measurable Key Metrics

Few of the metrics that Karma IIoT can monitor and analyze in E-Farming and greenhouse farming are:

Humidity of walk in coolers and freezers

Temperature of walk in coolers and freezers

Current monitoring of the compressors

Water Leak Sensors for walk in freezers

Compressor On/ Off monitoring

Air quality of the facility

IIoT Cloud Software & Mobile App

  • Round the clock monitoring

  • Compatible with 100s of sensors & devices

  • Real-time status update

  • Instant alert & notification

  • Manage data in one place

  • Intuitive report with accurate historical records

  • Powerful eMAP

  • Enhanced data logging

  • Powerful web-based interface and mobile app

Benefits of Using Karma IIoT system

Karma IoT wireless monitoring sensors and gateways that analyze metrics such as monitoring humidity, temperature, light, pollutants, pressure, and others at different zones of any facility. Wireless long-range communication makes it easy to install, and our unique way of power-saving engineering technics will give up to 5 years of battery life.

Karma IoT platform gives instant alerts and also provides customized reports and long-time data storage. Our gateways are intelligent to make single or multiple linkages by machine to machine communication ( M2M) with or without the cloud connection. Long range low power communication can penetrate concrete and steel to make installation easy.