GYM & Pool


Why do we need Internet of Things for Restaurants and Food industry today?

IoT connecting everything and everyone around us, it is difficult for the fitness industry to stay behind in the race to an automated world.

Gym automation system is the newest kid on the block! With the right gym automation system, you can create a central hub for member and lead management, taking your fitness club to the next level.

Irrespective of you being a gym trainer, fitness club owner or a personal trainer, gym automation system is here to

make your work so much easier. While Karma IoT devices help you in innumerable ways, here are a few essential

features you must look into before zeroing in on your gym software:

• A streamlined dashboard – A dashboard is a one stop shop for an overall review across sectors. With Karma IoT solutions, a dashboard that is user-friendly and streamlines will be at the center of your operations and management. Access to member profiles and payment processing will never be the same again.

• Membership management – 80% of the American population who own a gym membership do not use it and the rest are intimidated to have one. Retaining members and enrolling new members is a constant struggle to stay on top of your game. With Karma's gym software, members can access their membership history, schedule and reschedule classes online and renew their membership online. Notifications are automatically sent through emails and WhatsApp, saving a lot of time and energy.

• Biometric check-ins & kiosks – Automate check-ins and control access with gym automation system devices. A kiosk can be used as an interface, fitted with an ID scanner, to track the timing of members and to authenticate the ID of members. Karma devices installed across the gyms display videos that let members learn at their own pace. These kiosks can also be used to display interactive content and create personalized content for the members.

• Real-time reporting – Reports can make or break a business. The right reports help you gain insight into the real time running of the business and help you make better decisions. Insights help you make the right improvements in the required areas and focus on revenue drivers to drive business growth. Payment related insights help track late payments and billing cycles. Most metrics can be monitored using these reports to stay in touch with what is happening on a daily basis.

When you first venture into a gym and you want to use a cardio machine like the treadmill, we always choose the closest one coming out of the change room. There are many similar cardio machines that are chosen the same way. This puts strain on some equipment that can result in extensive wear and tear that result in frequent repair.

Installing Karma power monitor on this equipment’s can give valuable information about the equipment usage like

1. How often the equipment is used per day,

2. How much power it is consuming (Over the recommended power consumption indicate the motor may need maintenance).

3. What mode the equipment was used (Walking, Running, Cardio program).

4. Integrate with members website or app to alert members of peak use hours.

5. Intelligent logic to automatically turn off the most used equipment at off peak hours for extended life cycle.

Gym Environmental monitoring

Gym is a place where members come to exercise to keep fit and maintain good health. Providing a good healthy monitored environment matters to every gym. Karma IoT have multiple sensor devices to monitor multiple metrics.

Temperature & Humidity monitoring

Co2 (Carbon dioxide) Monitoring

Air quality monitoring Pm 2.5

Swimming pool monitoring

Automated monitoring of swimming pool equipment’s is important to keep good water quality and heathy swimming environment.

1. PH level of water

2. Water temperature

3. Water leak detection

4. Pool pump motor monitoring

5. Pool occupancy detection

6. Indoor temperature and humidity

Preventive & Predictable Maintenance

Data analysis must anticipate failures or non-optimized processes. To be able to intervene quickly in the event of a problem, or even to prevent future.

How System works?

Measurable Key Metrics

Few of the metrics that Karma IIoT can monitor and analyze in E-Farming and greenhouse farming are:

Humidity of walk in coolers and freezers

Temperature of walk in coolers and freezers

Wireless Remote Control & Automation

pH level and water temperature sensor

Compressor On/ Off monitoring

Air quality of the facility

IIoT Cloud Software & Mobile App

  • Round the clock monitoring

  • Compatible with 100s of sensors & devices

  • Real-time status update

  • Instant alert & notification

  • Manage data in one place

  • Intuitive report with accurate historical records

  • Powerful eMAP

  • Enhanced data logging

  • Powerful web-based interface and mobile app

Benefits of Using Karma IIoT system

By using our products, you can boost the productivity of your restaurant as ensuring the proper work can have a positive impact on the revenue of the business. Our products also assist in determining the environmental problems, which is why a healthy and hygienic environment is built up.

You can set daily targets and control the equipment through remote control. Our products have the capacity to recognize the problems resulting in efficient troubleshooting.