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Karma Internet of Things Data Center Solutions

With the recent trends in technology, how does the Internet of Things help in data center solutions?

At the unprecedented rate in which technology is expanding, IoT for Data Centre Solutions is redefining the game of data storage and analysis. Within the last few years, the number of connected devices have multiplied and are expected to escalate at an exponential rate! Data center solutions provided by IoT are being increasingly used for several commercial and industrial solutions. To facilitate easy storage and access of data, data center solutions provides a robust platform for smooth management of data.

Karma IoT provides flexible and scalable solutions for real-time monitoring of data and strategic operations of data centers. Data Centre Solutions help optimize data flow, storage of data and data analysis for further research. At Karma IoT, we provide data center automation. Our innovative solutions help data centers use energy efficiently, thereby reducing carbon footprint and making the entire framework sustainable.

Secure Data Storage using IoT – With the tremendous amount of data generated in this technological age, data storage becomes a huge concern. With Karma IoT sensors focus on efficiency and high performing storage systems, where the data is stored on the cloud. The cloud platforms infuse the system with complex firewalls and encryptions to allow multi-level of access control, thereby ensuring data safety. This makes IoT solutions used in data centers secure and provides a reliable platform.

IoT Network Requirements: Data Centre Solutions provide leverage for large inflow of data. IoT solutions provide for increased inbound bandwidth to increase the data storage capabilities. Automated data center management – IoT for data center provides data center automation. The otherwise routine tasks such as monitoring, scheduling, configuration and so on can now be managed remotely, making the data centers more flexible.

Adaptable Data centers– Data Centre Solutions are becoming more adaptable to the changing business needs. Hands-on approach towards managing servers is now the norm, passing on the flexibility to the client as well. Customers may now check their data on the server, review maintenance and remotely monitor.

IoT for Environmental & Economical Sustainability – With Karma devices and innovations such as AI-powered data centers and IoT managed data centers, energy consumption is reduced, leading to cost-effectiveness and an efficient model.

Measurable Key Metrics

Few of the metrics that Karma IIoT can monitor and analyze in E-Farming and greenhouse farming are:

Moisture level of the soil or planters with different grow media. Outdoor IP67 enclosure available

Temperature of the room or greenhouse facility at different points.

Light intensity sensors at different points

Monitors Carbon dioxide at different points

Water Leak Sensors in the whole data center with water leak area detection under raised floor

Vibration sensor for server racks

IIoT Cloud Software & Mobile App

  • Round the clock monitoring

  • Compatible with 100s of sensors & devices

  • Real-time status update

  • Instant alert & notification

  • Manage data in one place

  • Intuitive report with accurate historical records

  • Powerful eMAP

  • Enhanced data logging

  • Powerful web-based interface and mobile app

Benefits of Using Karma IIoT System for Server room solution

Karma IoT Server room monitoring solution is quick and easy to install. Wireless LoRa technology that will not interfere with the computer equipment and will avoid accidents buy installers struggling with bundles of wire. Easy setup of limits on our platform for quick notification of your choice when there are changes in the environment or malfunction of equipment.

Well laid out customized dashboard displays and reports.