Automation IIoT

Environmental Monitoring

Karma Security IoT is based on LoRa long range wireless technology

Energy Savings Predictive Maintenance Equipment Efficiency Monitoring Quick Return on Investment


The implementation of our sensor Network for a Smart Building System can provide immediate cost savings with predictive maintenance. Devices can be installed on top of existing building infrastructure and no retrofitting or large-scale reconstruction of existing structures required.

Help Save Energy

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Do anything, Install anywhere

Karma Security smart gateway is the most advanced with multiple connectivity options like Cellular 4G, Wi-Fi and LAN to communicate with our intelligent platform.

5G coming soon!

The smart gateway allows you to control equipment or devices from a mobile phone or our dashboard.

The smart gateway lets you schedule events based on motion or light triggers, Water leak, Emergency button, etc. and link to audible alerts and other automated events. Smart Controller linkage function works Online or OFF Line for extreme reliability.

Intelligent Smart Gateway Controller

IIoT System Topology

Insuite Water Leak Detection

Monitoring high-rise residential buildings for water leaks from fan coil units, kitchen, laundry, and jacuzzi. Wireless LoRa transmission enabled devices are easy to install and monitor locally or remotely.

A single gateway can receive signal from 10 floors high of a multi-storied building making it most labor saving installation.

Swimming Pool Environmental

Swimming pools can be monitored for ambient temperature and humidity, the PH level of water, occupancy detection, pool water temperature, and water leak, etc.

Water circulating pumps are an important part of the swimming pool filtration system. Our wireless sensors monitor power consumption, high temperature, and excessive vibration of the pump ensures efficient operation and stops unpredicted downtime.

Mechanical Room Monitoring

Wireless devices can monitor mechanical rooms very efficiently for many conditions such as water leak, water high temperatures, equipment function, and efficiency, etc.

AHUs can now work efficiently with the right inlet and outlet temperature, and 3 phase current monitoring for the electric motor will reduce down time by giving valuable operational data.


Karma Security IoT gateways are one of the smart and intelligent devices within our IoT ecosystem

It collects data from devices that do edge-based processing and then sends it to the cloud for storage, display, and analytics.

Karma Security IoT sensors are smart with LoRa technology and can report to the gateways from long distance.

Sensors are smart that it doesn’t report all the events but it has the ability to recognize the reportable events. Thus Karma Security IoT sensors saves battery life and also reduces the traffic.

Interface devices are used to connect external dry contacts or pulse inputs. This can be used in various applications for monitoring, counting or receiving inputs for linkage to output devices.

Legacy systems that have alert sound or indicator light for status notification can be now made smarter and remotely monitored instantly.