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We specialized in providing the proper technology solutions to your Business or Home, with a focus on security.

Karma Security offers integrated, solutions that will accommodate your business or home requirements, from planning, installing, integrating and training.

New Artificial intelligent Surveillance System.

Surveillance Solutions

All our products are:

One of the fastest-growing elements of our business; CCTV gives you an extra set of unbiased eyes whether you want to keep an eye on your employees, family, nanny or property we have multiple solutions. Karma Security offers affordable video packages for all types of business.

Our brand and solutions range from basic video observation systems to professional surveillance and recording systems with highly functional features, like intrusion detection, alarm notification which are suitable for any business needs to deter and monitor, incidents, shoplifting. face recognition, license plate reading and recording up to 2000 faces and plates with our ultra-smart AI analytics build into our cameras and NVRs. Our Thermogenic cameras feature Fever detection System Mask detection and people counting with relay options to connect access control, alarm systems and more making Karma Security your one-stop total solution!

A new generation of StarView series at the Global Partner Summit. The upgraded StarView series cameras kept the great night performance and enhanced to a higher resolution compared to the original generation of StarView cameras.

Fully Upgraded StarView Series

As we all know, high resolution is the trend of video surveillance. However, with the increase of pixels, the light-sensing area of each pixel decreases with the same size of the sensor. Karma Security launched the new generation of StarView series which includes 5MP IP cameras, enabled higher resolution products with excellent Starlight illumination sensibility. The 5MP series applies a 1/2.7” backside illumination technology sensor to deliver enhanced low light sensitivity and wide field of view.

UNV StarView series redefines starlight by minimum illumination. The light passes through the aperture and enters into the sensor, hence generates an image. The factor that determines the brightness of the image is how much light enters into the sensor. The more light enters into the sensor, the brighter image an IP camera can produce. The Super Starlight of the StarView series is built in an F1.2 big iris lens to raise the brightness. And it can reach up to 0.0005 lux illumination.

Intrusion & Fire Detection.

As each customer needs are different, we believe your alarm should be customized to you and your lifestyle. After an onsite assessment our salesperson can advise you on which system will meet your requirements.

We only use premium brands with a proven track record such as DSC, Honeywell and Alula. All of which are build on a rock solid foundation with amazing pedigrees.

Already have a system ? Although it is important to keep up with technology, we are always willing to make use of existing equipment if it is functional (pending a system inspection). Our systems make use of both internal and external detectors.

Guard Response

In the event of an alarm been triggered at your business or home, Karma Security will follow the procedure established by you to know whom to contact to advise of an alarm incident or send a patrol to investigate and report.

As always, if none of your after hours contacts are available or if requested, Karma Security will dispatch a patrol to the site and assess the situation to alert any necessary emergency service if required. With an Karma Security Patrol and Alarm response option, you and your staff are provided with professional assistance you need, giving you the confidence that Karma Security has real people on the ground to help our community.

Access Control

We supply and install a variety of access a control solutions to suit individual requirements for both commercial and residential applications. The level of access control you implement will allows the flow of authorized personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors. With access control system you have a greater chance to reduce your exposure to crime while increasing the security of your employees, visitors, information and assets.

Control when, where and who is entering your premises

Protect employees, assets and information

Track time and attendance

Integrate with other security systems

View and control remotely

Mobile App

Web base integration


Access control is for everyone. Protect your people, property and assets with the proper solutions.


Thanks to the IP connections, allow scalability to the system, meaning if your company grows, the system can grow with you.


Solve your complex challenges and make better decisions with a solution designed for your scale.

Environmental Monitoring

IoT is based on LoRa long range wireless technology

Karma Security's IIoT provides a highly customizable dashboard and can be designed based on individual customer needs. With our IIoT dashboard, the user will be able to have an overview of the whole facility at a glance. The color schemes used will automatically grab the person’s attention whenever there is an alert or warning from a particular device. The dashboard includes responsive data visualizations and users can customize this to cater to their needs.

Measurable Key Metrics

Powerful Analytics

Karma Security IoT carries an intelligent analytical engine and can provide smart suggestions and warnings for the machinery/ facility it is monitoring. Such notifications can be used for predictive maintenance thus avoiding unexpected break downs leading to outages and lost revenue. Also, the Karma Security IIoT analytical engine has the capability for root cause analysis which can find why a particular event happened at a particular time.

**This is possible only if the Karma Security IoT ecosystem is installed in the facility.

Offline Linkage

Karma Security IoT’s powerful offline linkage feature enables the devices to act on critical scenarios even if the gateway is not connected to the internet. Some scenarios are, water valve can be shut off when a water leak is detected, the siren can be activated when the emergency push button is pressed/ fire alarm is activated. Karma Security IoT’s proprietary algorithm is even capable of handling events remotely without any assistance.

We integrate across technologies



Mobile & Tablets

24/7 Security Monitoring

Karma Security has been providing monitoring services to Canada for over 35 Years. Across the Country our Customer Care Centers monitor alarms of all types, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, responding to a variety of situations from break and entry to fire alarms, Automation systems. Our customer base includes offices and government buildings, Commercial, schools shops and residential, homes.


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